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About Us

Light Show Pictures (LSP) is an independent, Oakland-based filmmaker collective. We are passionate about telling the stores that reflect the realities of our communities: communities of color, impoverished communities, and queer communities. We create our own projects and support the projects of others in our community. We are directors, writers, and producers.







Alicia Kester decided that she wanted to become a filmmaker at the age of six when she wrote her first screenplay. She’s continued her pursuit of film as a student at UCLA, taking classes at the UCLA Film School. A participant in QWOCMAP and BAVC, Alicia has worked on films and media projects such as El Camino, A Night in the Woods, Dyke Central, In the Mission, and more. She is also an award-winning and published poet and writer. Most recently her poetry has appeared in Duende Literary Journal and The G.R.I.T.S. Anthology. She works professionally as an event producer and fundraiser, supporting countless non-profits and social justice organizations in their missions to create equity and improve the quality of life for all of society. She has written and will direct the Light Show Pictures short project, "Yesterday". She is  currently developing two feature film scripts, developing a television series, and writing a stage play based on her poem "Snakeskin".

About Alicia

not one more piece of exquisiteness, not one more shred of prowess, pulled, by our very own hands, out of the ether, out of memory, out of blood, out of the jaws of destruction, can go unwitnessed.

–Robert Jones, Jr. 
on the importance of Ava DuVernay's film Selma

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